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  1. Hi Lee. I do about 250 gigs a year, and always have trouble with the volume pot on my Ovation becoming dirty and scratchy. I’m constantly having it cleaned and repaired. Is there a permanent solution? Thanks for your time.


    • There’s a company I deal with called Bourns pro audio……..They have a different style of pot…..which is totally sealed…….I’d replace it with one of those……….You can check out all their stuff on their website…….They do a selection of shaft lengths on the pot’s too!. Hope this is of help……Lee.

  2. Hello Lee,
    I imagine you must get tired of Eric Clapton questions, so I am sorry to ask another one. I just bought a Martin D12-20, and I think that was what he used on the Unplugged gig. I wondered what strings were on that guitar? On the dvd they seem shiny, like silk and steels?

    What a great job you did…so much amazing music with your hard work. Thank you!


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